I’m always running out of time. Those who know me are probably thinking “Really? Of all people, Rosa is going to talk to us about procrastination?”  Yes, I am. That’s because it is something that I struggle with so much!  Don’t get me wrong, I get things done but it often means sacrificing lots of sleep.

I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t realize this was a problem and tried to mitigate it as much as possible. There are a few ways which I have learned to do so but I think I’ll always be a procrastinator. I’ve realized that it’s not all bad and learned to embrace it to a certain point because I attribute it to my ability to excel under pressure. I guess I would call myself a “structured procrastinator.”

The most important thing for us procrastinators, is to accept that it is part of who we are and work to control it and use it to our advantage. In order to do so I think asking the Procrastination Busting Question, “If not now, when?” is very important.

Why do we even procrastinate?  To be honest, most of the time my number one reason is just that I don’t much interest in doing that activity.  Writing for instance is really painful for me, I’d much rather be doing accounting homework than writing a blog.  This is because not only is it really hard for me to put my thoughts into words but I know that whatever I write will never be perfect or “correct” and that is just something hard for me to deal with.  Instead of spending a couple of hours or so writing I could spend all day thinking about my topic and rewriting a paragraph over and over. In this case procrastination works to my advantage because when I’m pressed for time I am not as concerned with getting it perfect and stop being so critical of every single word I type.

Make a commitment to others. This is by far what works best for me. Keeping my word is extremely important to me and I always do what I say I will (unless of course there’s some extenuating circumstances). Telling others when to expect certain things is a great way to motivate me as the last thing I’d want to do is let others down.

“If not now, when?” This is the question that I recently started asking myself when I try to put off doing something. It’s only been a week but I have realized it’s already making a difference. Give it a try!

While it doesn’t have to be all bad, I’m sure every procrastinator always says “next time, I’m going to start earlier.” Well, here are some tips on Overcoming Procrastination. Is there something that has worked best for you? Feel free to share.

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