This week, I listened to Paulo Coelho’s book The Valkyries on Audible.  This book reminded me of how important it is that we don’t lose sight of our dreams. In this book Paulo journeys thought the Mojave Desert for 40 days in order to fulfill his dream of seeing his Angel. Coelho’s note at the end of the book insists that there are only two places in which he used fiction, and whether you believe it or not, I think that the topics in this book are very real. We can certainly learn some things from Paulo’s journey through the desert. 

The main topics in this book are letting go of your past, forgiving yourself, and fulfilling your dreams.  In order to accomplish his dream Paulo first needed to let go of his troubled past and learn to forgive himself.  While he was able to fulfill his dream, the revelations really occurred throughout his journey. This brings me to the belief that the main reason for us to dream is to make life worth living. If we don’t have hope and aspirations, what’s the point of anything? My dreams may not be as wild as seeing my Angel (though I do believe in it) but they are what fuels my spirit and keeps me going.

“When you cease to dream you cease to live.”

Malcolm Forbes

Are you working towards your dreams? What’s stopping you? Here’s an excellent guide on How to Follow Your Dreams!

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