Go With the Flow!

This week, while organizing one of my drawers, I came across a bracelet that one of my best friends gave me after a girls trip.  It had become our mantra during that trip to “Just go with the flow!” and that’s what the bracelet said.  Some people think that you can only be happy and have others respect you if you always stand your ground and not give in to what other’s want.  That you are weak if you are agreeable. 

Well, I have to admit, I’m one of those agreeable persons.  That doesn’t mean that I am weak-minded or that I don’t stand for anything though.  It just means that I do not think I have to get my way all the time. I’m comfortable letting others take the lead and I’m willing to try different things.  Of course there are many times in which we have to fight for what we want or believe in but most of our day to day decisions are not a matter of principle and the only consequence will be an impact on our mood.  So in that case, why not just “go with the flow” and enjoy the journey instead of stressing about little things that don’t even matter that much.

I have always loved to read those cards or bookmarks that have some advice from nature but I didn’t know where they came from. Upon looking it up today, I learned about the story of Ilan Shamir and the founding of Your True Nature which I think is truly inspiring. In keeping with the theme of my bracelet, I’d like to share the Advice from a River with you.

I do believe that we can learn a lot from nature and while a river will generally just “go with the flow” until it reaches its destination whether it be another river, lake, sea, or ocean, it can also be strong enough to carve into the soil or cause massive disruptions and flooding.  So next time you give in to which restaurant to have dinner at, what museum to visit, what trail to hike…just remember to enjoy it just the same and follow the advice of the river on the way to your goals.

I think going with the flow has served me pretty well. When I suggest something, people are more willing to listen to me and agree because they know I’m not just trying to “go against the tide” for no reason. When it comes to something that is really important to you, people will be more receptive to what you want because they know you are the first to compromise otherwise.

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