Don’t be a Worry Bug

One of the things that we waste most of our energy on is worrying.  I get it, everyone is going through their own challenges and these days just trying to stay healthy and the uncertainty of the economy are probably adding to your typical worries.  But what good does worrying do? There are already not enough hours in the day to do everything we want to do and worrying not only drains our energy but also damages our health!

I’m typically really good at controlling my worries and may even seem pretty care free during the day but when it’s time to go to sleep I start worrying about everything and have a very hard time getting to sleep. :/ So yes, I do understand that we can’t help to worry sometimes. It is completely normal but most of the things that we worry about are things that we can’t control or have a very slight possibility of ever happening. So why are we wasting so much energy and possibly even damaging our health doing so? 

The best thing to do is to acknowledge whatever it is that has us worried. If it is something that we have control over, then we need to stop worrying and do something about it. We must channel that energy into something positive and useful! If it is something that we have no control over then we must accept that and have faith that things will turn out well and that if they don’t that we will be able to overcome whatever comes our way.

Worrying can affect us in so many ways, take a look at “How Worrying Affects Your Body” to learn more. The article shares some lifestyle changes for helping “excessive worriers” but I think most of those tips are great for anyone.

Aside from being conscious of my worries like I mentioned above, I know that what helps me the most are the following:

Being active – You don’t have to have a boring exercise routine, just find whatever gives you energy. I have a really hard time getting myself to go to the gym but I’ll never say no to hiking/snowshoeing, paddle boarding, or dancing if I have the time for it. The point is that if you stay home all day not doing anything what else is there to do but worry?

Relaxing/Meditating – To be clear, I can’t actually meditate in a traditional way. Seriously, I’ve tried! Luckily my favorite activities are hiking and traveling and those things relax me. Whether I’m taking in the beauty of a mountain or sitting at a cafe in the middle of a busy city, instead of thinking about any worries I may have I am able to just appreciate the moment and be grateful for it. I think it’s my way of meditating.

Having a strong social network – Another thing that is super important to me is interacting with my friends and family. I think the reason why a lot of people are having more worry and anxiety right now is because we have been really isolated for quite sometime due to the pandemic, we are social beings and need others. I know I do!

How do you deal with worry? Feel free to share any tips!

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