Stop Waiting for the “Right” Moment!

What’s stopping you from doing the things you want to do?  Not having enough time or money, fear of failure, or it’s just not the “right moment” are very typical answers. I am guilty of giving those excuses too.  Whatever it is though, don’t let it hold you back.  Do you really want to look back when you’re old and wish you had gone after your dreams?  I know I don’t!

What Are Your Dreams?

Upon moving to Reno, I fell in love with hiking and the outdoors.  If I could go on a hike every day I’d be the happiest person ever. But of course, I have to work and there’s always something else that makes time very limited.  I do however, get out as much as possible and sometimes I’ll agree to a really hard hike despite not having been very active for a few months (which is not the smartest thing ever) but finishing that hike is worth all the exhaustion….and I haven’t died yet! 😉

I follow a few travel bloggers and I’m always inspired by all of their adventures. One of my favorite bloggers, Kristin (@BeMyTravelMuse), posted about hiking the Santa Cruz Trek in Peru solo! I had been to Peru a few times and since my best friend is from there I feel like I really know the people and their culture well but I was missing out on truly experiencing its mountains which is one of the most amazing things about Peru. I always wished I was the type of person that could go on real hiking adventures but never imagined I could take a 4 day hiking trip, I mean, I’m really not that outdoorsy!

Find the Courage and Go For It

One of the things that I love about Kristin’s blog is that she explains things so well and gives great tips. By going into details of her hike she made me feel like even I could do it!

Okay, so now that I thought I could do it the next step was to figure out when I was gonna have the time and money, and start training for the strenuous hike right? Maybe take that trip after August of 2020 when I would be done with grad school…Well not for me!

I’m not saying that those are not good ideas but I could not wait that long. I learned a while back that if I want something to happen, I need to build up the courage and just go for it. Otherwise, I can let fear creep in or something else may happen in my life that could prevent me from doing that thing (enter COVID-19).

You Don’t Have to Be an Expert, Get Help

I knew I was not prepared to hike by myself so I did some more research and found a good company that would take care of everything and all I needed to do was show up and hike. I planned the trip for May of 2019 during the break between spring and summer semesters and I booked my flight to Peru. That spring semester ended up being extremely tough with way more than just work and school going on and the timing ended up not being the best, but I had already planned it so I just went.

Here I am in this picture after finally making it up to the highest pass of the Santa Cruz trek. I know I could not have made it on my own, I was by far the slowest in my group of 8 but I did it! I am so grateful for the wonderful guides and for the awesome group of people that I got to hike with.

Finally at Punta Union at an altitude of 15,583 ft

What’s Next?

The best thing about realizing your dreams sooner is that it opens up the path for more dreams. This was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait for my next long distance hiking trips. Unfortunately this year’s trips had to be cancelled but that only means that this is the time to take advantage of my own backyard and discover new trails in the area.

I’d like to encourage everyone to seize the moment, take chances, and live your best life now! Don’t live with regrets. What if the “right” moment never comes?

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